Using the Power of Music to Build Better Organizations, Events and Experiences

October 1, 2016

Using the Power of Music to Build Better Organizations, Events and Experiences

According to a report from McKinsey and Company, U.S. businesses spent $61.8 billion on corporate training in 2014. Yet just one-quarter of businesses say their training makes a difference, as revealed in Training magazine. New House Productions founding partners Matthew Thomas and Bryan Smith, both accomplished musicians, saw an opportunity to make corporate training more impactful using the proven, positive effects music has on the brain.

“Whether you’re listening to Bach or to Bruno Mars, music has the power to make you feel things – or to get up and move,” said Smith, who is also New House’s artistic director. “Science has also shown us that music helps you learn, remember and think critically. It’s the perfect tool to help breathe life into corporate training, which can often be a tragically dull experience.”

Smith, a tuba player residing in San Diego, California, and Thomas, a trumpet player residing in Midland, Michigan, each have decades of experience with orchestras, pop groups and educational institutions around the world. Their brass quintet, called Metallurgy, performs during their sessions with New House Productions. The group also ties its lessons in collaboration, creativity and leadership to the way a musical ensemble functions.

“The live performances and audience participation do more than ‘spice up’ our sessions,” said Thomas, who serves as the group’s executive director. “They actually allow us to illustrate our points about listening, versatility, leadership and other areas. Our sessions use musical ensembles as an analogy for business.”

Fresh from the launch of their company, New House Productions worked with a group of promising young employees at The Dow Chemical Company.

“Based on feedback at the session, people enjoyed the uniqueness and relevance of the training,” Thomas said. “We can tell that New House is going to offer something most companies haven’t seen before, and that delivers business concepts in a more engaging and memorable way.”

New House Productions is a team of musicians, educators and speakers with years of combined experience performing around the world. Using the analogy of a musical ensemble, we provide skills training for organizations with a focus on collaboration. We illustrate our lessons through a live musical performance.
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