Sound Business
January 15, 2020
10:00 – 3:00
Grace Dow Library Community Room
1710 W St Andrews, Midland, MI

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Unconventional. Transformative. Fun.

Our workshops provide a unique mix of live music, dialogue and audience participation that helps you and your team become better collaborators and leaders. You’ll leave feeling energized and equipped with communication skills you can apply to your work right away.

Train to a new tune

Music has a proven, positive impact on how our brains function, improving focus, mood, attention and memory. It also helps us take a fresh approach to “key” business concepts and skills training.

We use the analogy of a professional musical ensemble to show how any organization can maximize its individual talent, its team’s creativity and its collaboration to generate more compelling products and services.

What to expect

  • An engaging workshop that we will tailor to be relevant for your specific group
  • A new way of thinking about your everyday work that can help you transform how your teams function
  • Expand your team’s comfort zones as they learn to capitalize on failure, be more versatile, collaborate and communicate better
  • A chance to make a little music yourself (you’ll have fun, we promise!)